Hi! I'm Dario Picca, the
Microsoft Specialist Consultant.

Among the many interests that I grow, I deal mainly with IT and programming.
Not surprisingly, I put this activity as an interest for me to do the programmer is more than a job.

Microsoft Specialist • Senior Developer • Senior IT manager

Technology is not the magic that changes the world, but trust. Thanks to the trust placed in me by my clients, today also international, I deal with consulting with a focus dedicated to the development of innovative solutions.
I am currently geolocated in Milan, but if necessary I can solve problems everywhere.

About Me

A job, in our current culture, is an activities we carry out mainly to support us. An interest however, is something different that we carry because we like it, because it makes us grow and for this reason it gratifies us. That's why I say that mine is not a job but an interest. If then also it allows me to live, so much the better!


Use my contacts to contact me. I answer all emails, there may be some waiting time, but basically I answer all those who have questions or need informatics help.

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